World No 1 Best lightweight backpack for traveling and hiking
World No 1 Best lightweight backpack for traveling and hiking Black-Light Backpack strong straps on Black-Light backpack which helps while hiking Specifications of lightweight backpack Ultra lightweight backpack Black-Light Backpack Inner view of 30L lightweight black-light backpack BLACK-LIGHT BACKPACK - 34L BLACK-LIGHT BACKPACK - 34L BLACK-LIGHT BACKPACK - 34L BLACK-LIGHT BACKPACK - 34L BLACK-LIGHT BACKPACK - 34L BLACK-LIGHT BACKPACK - 34L



Style#: BG-601PRO


7 Total Features & Specifications

Embossed Air Vents
Lift Upto 40Kg
Highly Expandable
Molle Bartacked Web
Durable Nylon Fabric
YKK Zippers
Slide Through Trolley

Usage and Purpose

  • Survival & First Aid Pack

  • Hiking Pack for 3 days                                   View Example

  • Travel BackpackView Example

  • Everyday Use Pack

  • Building Tactical Gear

  • Camera Gear Ready

  • Gaming and Tech Gear

  • Packing Airsoft


Blacklight is a very durable backpack from Alpinebear®, it can expand up to 30cm in depth & store bunch of user essentials like cloths, first aid, and also many other everyday use essentials. For travel or 3-day hike blacklight is the best backpack to buy, non-like others this backpack don’t get overweight because its own weight is just 2.2lbs (1.1 KG) also on the backpack’s front there is a small compartment to store some notes and writeable stuff. Blacklight backpack is constructed with 2 major components, Nylon 600D Fabric and YKK® zippers and this backpack is capable of lifting up to 88 lbs (40kg) weight. Inside all the major compartments the extra mesh pockets help users to organize essentials and avoid getting mixed against other stuff. Embossed Air Channels circulates plenty of air at the back to make user’s journey comfortable while on the move, and also a trolley bag’s handle can be pushed behind the emboss air vents while traveling. Completely covered with nylon webbings not only protects the fabric behind, but also allow users to hook Molle compatible pouches or clip things like water bottle, Bluetooth speaker and many more. Compression straps on the both sides help users to reduce extra space inside backpack, the straps on the bottom are also adjustable after adding tripod, sleeping bag or relative items simply pull the straps to securely fasten the items.

Dimensions!Dimenstion of lightweight black-light back pack

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Why Alpinebear® Preferred Nylon Over Polyester?

Because Nylon is far more Durable & Weather Resistant than Polyester.  
This Backpack weighs 2.4 Pounds / 1.1 kg due to it's 100% Nylon construction.  So that our valuable buyer will experience absolute level of Fulfillment & Protection.  In Addition we use YKK® Zippers along with 100% Nylon Barracked Webbing to offer users maximum output in every dimension of  Black-Light Backpack.

Why we call it Blacklight?

Because of all Nylon, we refer Black-Light Backpack. If we compare Backpacks in relation to their strength and weight, we can say that the Nylon made Backpack has double the strength than Polyester made Backpack with similar weight and volume.   
    As nylon has lower denier thickness than polyester does, it is inherently stronger than polyester on a weight-for-weight basis. Since nylon is a stronger material than polyester, 420D nylon is actually stronger than 600D polyester.

Durability Test Of Black-Light Backpack: Check now

Sternum Strap

It is a quality product which is made of Heavy Nylon Webbing with a Heavy Duty Plastic Buckle which is vertically adjustable. The backpack can easily be adjusted upside & downside depending on the consumers need. It isn’t the only benefit. One can also adjust it horizontally. This adjustment allows the backpack to be secured parallel to the chest. Black-Light lasts ages and this Black-Light Backpack will surely last you ages. With the help of multi combination of Sternum Straps available in Black-Light Backpack, you can easily climb any mountain without facing any difficulty as the Sternum Strap allow perfect grip and zero chances of slipping.

Very Strong Nylon Bartacks

Finding a durable backpack is not as it seems to be. It contains a Strong Nylon Molle System which has a durable Bartack Stitched. You can easily place heavy objects inside your bag pack without fretting about the fact that the bag could get torn from the sides or the bottom may give away. The Heavy Nylon Bartacks allow the backpack to be used for various purposes, as to attach multiple pouches to the Black-Light Backpack. For instance, an Air Pouch, a Photography Pouch, a Tactical Pouch & a Multi-Purpose Pouch. You can attach the pouches all at once or one at a time depending on your need. These bartacks are fit for you to carry a lot of stuff along the journey.

Air Ventilated Back

Nothing is more irritating than buying a backpack only to make your back hurt even more. Backpacks are supposed to avoid shoulder and back pain not to increase the pain. The embossed foam of soft & fine quality is what makes the Black-Light Backpack really comfortable. It works as a Back Relaxer. It also provides air ventilation which helps to prevent excessive sweating at the back. We have ensured to use the high-pressure technology to create the maximum comfort possible. As a result, no matter how much stuff people put inside their backpack; laptops, clothes and other electronics, it will feel comfortable without any burden on back.

Laptop 17" Compart

In the modern age, most of the people need to carry their laptops whether they are students or working in an organization. Whether it’s for professional or personal use, we all need a laptop with us at all times. Keeping this consumer need in mind, Alpinebear has created a Laptop 17” Compartment in the black-light backpack. The compartment is lined with Mesh and an elasticized nylon tape. This particular polyester mesh is very durable and looks great as well. The elasticity of the compartment allows people to adjust bigger objects in it as well. For instance, an 11”, 12.1”, 13.3”, 14.1” & 15” laptops can be placed in the mesh compartment. Apart from it, cell phones, tablets, and headphones can also be adjusted in this sleek compartment.

Expandable (10cm to 30cm)

Most people are worried about how much or how less stuff they can fit into the backpack. Don't worry at all about the capacity. You can expand it from 10cm to 30cm, depending on needs and the stuff you want to add. Yes, it has about 20cm extra capacity. It is highly adjustable and you can fit in almost anything in it whether it’s a sleek laptop or a bunch of your gym clothes. Each compartment in the black-light backpack has the capacity to expand. You can customize the contents of your backpack according to your own needs. With Black-Light backpack this is no more selective approach to carry out different backpacks for different needs. As with stretch and compress feature of black-light you need only one backpack to fulfill all your needs to carry 10cm to 30cm stuff as per your need.

Slide Through Trolly System

What is the essential aspect about the backpack if you want to travel with it? Well, it’s the slide through trolley system. The Black-Light Backpack has an amazing feature; Slide through Trolley System. It just requires the user to pull off the Hook & Loop at the back and it can easily be slide through the trolley. It is super conventional especially when you are running around the airports or running around in general. When you are using the light weight back pack, you can rest assured that you will have nothing to worry about. It can be easily adjusted on to a trolley and it does not allow you to feel burdened at all and neither will you have to stow the luggage around. All these features make the black-light backpack a perfect option for anyone wishing to be more organized, travel with their necessities and avoid getting their back hurt.

Best Lightweight Backpack For Hiking

Black-Light Best Backpack

Despite the technology, life is getting more and busier these days. Each and every day, individuals struggle to fit in more things in each day and plan their schedule accordingly. It involves a lot of multitasking, running from one place to another until you finally check everything off your to-do list. This calls for organization and having all things you need in one place. Well, you need to embrace the backpack lifestyle. The days when bag packs were only limited to schools are long gone. Bag pack life allows you to carry your life in a bag pack without worrying that you are missing out on things. People are embracing the backpack lifestyle. Some are going as far as traveling with only one backpack. You shouldn't be that religious with your lifestyle but you definitely need a backpack that allows you to be organized and multitask simultaneously. Black-light backpack got you covered with all in one solution. Black-light backpack can hold each and everything including your clothes, makeup (if you are a woman), maybe some cleaning supplies, your cash, essential cards and anything that you can think off.


Alpinebear has been in operation since the year 2008 and has been providing goods to facilitate the lives of the individuals whether they are military individuals, businessmen and everyday people. Black-Light Backpack is an amazing addition to our list of products. Our products have been designed keeping in mind innovation and modern needs. After a thorough market research and in-depth analysis the bag pack has been designed to perfection. It will meet your everyday needs and also be a loyal companion when you will be hiking or travelling. The backpack meets all your packing needs and provides a high quality backpack that tackles all needs and requirements.


There's something so liberating about going with just a backpack. The majority of your imperative stuff is inside arm's scope, and iit encourages you to get rid of many things that otherwise you may consider important. A bagpack lifestyle allows you to de clutter your life and manage all the necessities only. With one backpack, you effortlessly skim from area to area, continually having quite recently enough, however never excessively.Picking the ideal backpack for an adventurous travel or every day can be an intense process. There are such a large number of brands and models to browse with differing degrees of solidness, cost, and attempt on-capacity. Include fluctuating perspectives and sentiments in with the general mishmash of people with various esteems, needs, and body composes, we have developed a perfect backpack which serves the adventurous spirits and officer workers alike. Regardless of whether you're another voyager preparing for your first trek, an office person experiencing an "offer all-my-stuff-and-place it-in-a-backpack" stage, or someplace in the middle of, it's fundamental to have the best backpack that works for you.


You're preparing for your enormous excursion abroad and need to purchase a backpack. Buying the routinely backpack for your trip is not a mistake that you are alone in making! Almost every one ends up buying the tall tube shaped bag and usually from high end brands. Benefits? Well, there are hardly any benefits because first of all these backpacks are not so enduring and can cause a lot of problems later on with regards to their weight bearing capabilities. The general assumption that people have after purchasing the expensive high end backpacks is that they have hit a jackpot, but the reality is far from that. Those bags are on the fancier sides and can be used off base, but once you are off on your excursion you need a sturdier option. Black-light backpack is the best option due to its light weightiness and easier mobility allowance. Below is a detailed analysis that will help you decide about what to look for when buying a back pack for adventurous excursions.


Most climbing backpacks just open from the best, similar to a waist pack, not from the front, similar to a bag. The issue with the best stacking backpack ends up plainly evident when you have to get access to something quickly. Need the match of pants at the base of the backpack? You'll need to dump out everything else to get to them. Each time you require something that isn't at the highest point of your backpack, you'll need to unload, at that point re-pack, all that you brought.Balance this with a bag where the whole front opens, permitting you simple access to anything in your backpack, without aggravating the rest. The black-light backpack will do this for you.


The best opening depicted above on most backpacks is shut by fixing a drawstring as well as locking a fold in finished the opening. This sort of conclusion leaves your assets a snap far from the hands of a hoodlum. Are a drawstring and clasp enough to secure your camera and travel permit when your backpack is sitting out in the open of a lodging apartment, by you in a prepare station in Zagreb, or heaped with many different packs on a transport in some faraway place? Hell no! Your backpack needs zippered openings which you can conveniently put a lock on which the black-light backpack has.


"Too huge?!? Be that as it may, I needed all my stuff!" No, you don't.Indeed, everything feels fundamental to you, you truly needn't bother with a backpack bigger than 30-50L, notwithstanding for an around the globe trip. Climbing backpacks can surpass 80L, yet the additional space is utilized for dozing packs, lights, nourishment, and different things to keep an explorer alive in the wild. Your survival does not rely upon pressing another striped conservative shirt. As the platitude goes, "Bring half as much stuff and twice as much cash." The black-light backpack is made by keeping this common sense in mind. Do check out dimensions of 30L backpack

Travel Ready

Carry-on Approved - If you want to use it as a carry on, you can. It will easily fit in under the airplane seat. Luggage Loving- Black-Light Backpack is made for luggage lovin. The sturdy luggage strap of the backpack allows you to conveniently carry it with the rest of the luggage.


Dual Side Access - The dual side access of the black-light backpack allows the easy access to the products due to side zips as well as the full top-to-bottom access from both sides of the bag. Now, forget emptying the entire bag to get access to what you need.

Side Access - The strap attachments allow you to access the contents of the bag without removing it entirely. You simply can swing it right in front of you by removing it from one shoulder and get the desired content out


Waterproof - The waterproof nylon canvas shell which has a highly dense padding ensures that your bag contents are safe inside your bag in any kind of weather. Now, you can store your laptop, tablet, cameras without giving the weather outside a second thought.


Black-Light Backpack is ultra-light, has a Nylon outer shell and webbing and durable zippers. Here is a list of most prominent features of Black-Light Backpack that make it the best choice for hundreds of people. Do also learn how to pack a backpack for traveling.


Whenever you decide to spend some cash on a backpack, you are probably looking for a high-quality product that you don’t have to repurchase every few months. If you want a high-quality product, you must keep these pointers in mind:


Most people put a lot of heavy stuff in their backpacks especially when they are going for camping. They keep their sleeping bags, some food options, and other goodies as well. Even on a day to day basis, laptop, wallet, sunglasses and other necessities can make your bag pretty heavy. Now the key here is to get a backpack which doesn’t have much weight of its own. Otherwise, you’ll feel that you have a rock on your back. Black-light backpack is perfect in this regard.


The next and perhaps the most important thing which people consider while buying a backpack is the price. Most of us live by the rule; “the cheaper, the better”. But, it is not always great. If you want to buy a backpack of decent quality that will last you years and you don’t want to replace it every month, you might need to dish out a little more cash than you would for a low-quality one. Now, I am not asking you to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer backpack as a designer not always mean quality but find a decent one.


If you want your backpack to be comfortable, look for one with lighter inside frame which uses modern materials and has a decent design. Aim at getting something sturdy but not heavy and you are good to go. Never compromise on the quality though. Looks are an important part of the backpack for many but make sure, it has a sturdy inside the frame.


The material with which the backpack is made will determine how durable it will be and how long it will last. Make sure that the backpack has a nylon outer shell. It not only looks great but prevents unnecessary tearing. It means that your backpack will last longer and you won’t be spending money or repurchasing it.


Knowing which size backpack you need is a crucial decision unless you have something particular at the top of the priority list and you can pack all your stuff in to check whether it's the correct size for you. In the event that you have more experience, you will, for the most part, recognize what will fit and what size will best suit your requirements. An expandable backpack will be useful for office and hiking trips alike so choose wisely. Be wary, you would prefer not to purchase a colossal rucksack as you will tend to fill it and that can get overwhelming.


The effective design of a backpack must administer your gear in a way that is agreeable and non-harming to your body. In the event that you have a particular needs like zippers, compartments, ties, and clasps everywhere throughout the pack at that point that is fine. If you are fine without all these things, go for a simple and chic design and try to keep things as basic and clean looking as you can. A simple design with the right compartments is the way to go for everyday as well as adventure needs alike.

7. Comfort

It is difficult to know whether the backpack you're taking a gander at fits you before you find the opportunity to pack it full of all your stuff. However, if you stick to the above mentioned tips, you will surely get a comfortable backpack. Blacklight backpack is perfect for you. It not only looks amazing but is comfortable to wear as well. It fits well in your everyday life as well as your hiking adventures.Most people would assume that it is hard to find all these attributes in one backpack, but it is possible. The black-light backpack has all these attributes at an affordable price.


As opposed to battle to utilize an item intended for another person, pick a backpack made particularly for voyagers that is perfectly fine for travel and everyday use alike. Try Black-Light Backpack is perfect for you.


Alpine bear Black-Light Backpack offers intelligent internal organization so that you can access all your stuff at all times with ease. It has dividers as well as a mesh pocket which enables you to store your electronics as well as other goodies in one place without creating a huge mess. Here is a list of key features which make Black-light the most organized and backpack for travel and daily use alike:

Inner Pockets - These pockets are perfect for storing smaller items such as headphones, chargers, batteries etc.

Laptop Sleeve - The mesh laptop sleeve allows you to store your laptop separately with ease. It will keep your laptop or tablet secure and prevent any scratches.

Ability to Hold Complete Kit - Due to its expandability, it can hold a lot of things including a complete photography setup. You must try it to believe it. Don’t be fooled by its sleek look.

Slip Pocket - This pocket is perfect for storing your cards, wallet and money. Key Tether- Tether Slits allow you to store your keys in your bags with ease.


You can put any kind of locks for keeping your stuff safe and secure at all times. You don't have to use the exact lock system which comes with a bag which is annoying for a lot of people.


External Carry - The configurable tension straps allow you to carry heavy items on your back with ease. You can simply tuck the straps away when you are not carrying anything heavy. These straps enable you to hide the expandable pockets as well just in case you are going for a sleek look.

Inter-nal Expansion - Black-light backpack has multi- catch point closures which allow the inside of the bag to expand and making it a multi-purpose backpack.

Drone Carry - In case you are a photography enthusiast, you can carry the drone inside your black-light backpack as well. You can fit in the DJI Mavic and DJI Spark as well as the controller and accessories with ease. And, you’ll still have plenty of room to fit in more things.

Tripod Carry - You can carry your tripod in the side pockets of backpack.

Water bottles - Most individuals are worried about where they can tuck their water bottles away. Alpinebear black-light backpack has got you covered with its amazing side pockets which are easily accessible.


A black-light backpack is a partner for your day to day adventures. It will keep you from looking around madly for your necessities, will provide the maximum comfort for your back and you both are going to have a lot of memories together. Have you studied the difference between the travel and hiking backpack?. Let’s look at a few scenarios where black-light backpack will be a perfect partner in crime.


It is a great travel buddy. Forget the hassle of dragging a heavy suitcase and switch to black-light backpack instead. Here is why;


The Black-light backpack carries things in the most compact way, it does not shake or allow you discomfort in the form of lack of balance or uncalled for movements. Once you have packed your black light backpack you can very easily advance to jump off cliffs, mesh wires, or hike through the most treacherous of all paths and you can rest assured there will be no jiggle movements inside. Carrying and suitcase can be too taxing for you and as well as for other tourists and therefore, why be the source of nuisance, you can very easily enjoy your excursions and plan for just about anywhere without worrying about your backpack!


99% of the time on the off chance that somebody is strolling with a bag, they're not nearby. Dragging a roller bag = visitor, = "I don't know where I'm going and presumably have additional money on my individual, so please tail me, and attempt to ransack me." A backpack doesn't name you as a potential sham. So you would more be able to effortlessly get local people just estimating on taxis and eateries.In addition, in the event that you bring a black-light backpack, you'll look more unnoticeable. Far and away superior for exceptional people-watching and mixing into the neighborhood culture without emerging and making yourself a check for crooks.


Discussing more flexibility, a black-light backpack gives you a chance to move quicker. All of a sudden, you're taking the stairs as opposed to sitting right in line for the lift or remaining on the elevator. You're dashing around moderate moving gatherings, extending your chance here on earth — and in the air terminal — so you can unwind at your entryway, tasting some espresso, and sneak in additionally perusing time with your book. See, what are you waiting for? Do you still want to carry that annoying suitcase for your next travel? I assume not.


Black-Light Backpack is a perfect bag you can own if you are an adventurous spirit and love to hike. Here are some of the best feature of Black-Light Backpack which makes it a perfect partner for your next hiking trip;


Black-Light backpack has one big compartment that is expandable as well and is perfect for the next hiking adventure. That is all you require. Additional compartments and zippers include superfluous weight and unpredictability. Pack things you won't require until camp (tent, lighter, bottles) in the base of your pack and you'll be set.


The MESH POCKET or the compartment allows you to fit more stuff. This component comes in extremely helpful on the trail. It is perfect for squeezing in an extra piece of clothing. You can fit multiple things in here as well due to its ability to expand and don’t worry, it won't tear down. HIP BELT - A great hip belt is a basic component of the black-light backpack. Your hip belt will hold a large portion of the heaviness of your pack on your hips, which shields your shoulders from tiring. Hip belts ought to be agreeable and exchange weight without slipping. Black-light backpack on this rundown has a strong hip belt.


These will hold a lot of your pack weight also. You'll need them to have happy with cushioning and be very much dispersed to abstain from abrading and odd weight focuses. This is why you shouldn’t carry anything that puts all the weight on one shoulder. You need the maximum comfort.


Most of us are additionally attached to utilizing shoulder lash pockets on our backpacks and why not. You can utilize them for storing a camera while climbing. Not all the backpacks give you the option of additional pockets but Black-light backpack does which makes it perfect for hiking. Water Bottle Holsters - Hydration is the key to surviving in backwoods, so your water storage ought to dependably be anything but difficult to get to. It will allow you to store your water bottle with ease.


As a rule of thumb, it's not a smart thought to completely depend on any backpack when it comes to waterproofing capabilities but you can totally rely on the black-light backpack. You can be sure of keeping your food, cell phone or other electronics safe.


Load lifter ties can be utilized to pull the highest points of your straps towards the backpack. This will take a portion of the descending weight off your shoulder ties and exchange it to the front of your shoulders and chest. This is all you need for hiking. You see why it is the most perfect partner to take along your next hiking adventure!!!

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