Alpinebear since 2008 have been producing wearable for Military, Law Enforcement and Security. Our Factory is in Sialkot, Pakistan with workforce of 100 employees. 


We have developed 2 kinds of product ranges, Premium Products and Regular products. Our premium products are designed with well-known branded materials and are 3 year guaranteed. Our regular products feature low prices and are made with good quality local materials with 1 year guarantee. Both not only differ the material and price, but also the advance new features we introduced and unboxing presentation in premium products.





Until March 2017 our company’s 60% clients whose brand we were making were not getting successful sales due to following reasons:


  • Degrading the material’s quality for making low cost product
  • Selling similar products each year without any change or upgraded feature
  • Disregarding materials of well-known brands and using non-branded stuff
  • Coping those products which are already in a huge market competition
  • And many other reasons which might be inside company’s policy


We felt similar nature in many companies, and if we didn’t stand up with our brand during business crises then we were about to drop all opportunities. The Basic of our brand was to bringing forward well-known branded materials. 


Many other companies develop their own material with local suppliers and do not prefer branded materials, which according to us is only saving money and not fair. Companies who make Branded materials had spent ages testing and developing their materials and know more flows than local suppliers.