Purpose of making Alpinebear was to tell people our knowledge of unexplored features. With respecting world wide laws and other people's technology, we develop our own outdoor and basic everyday use products. The difference between us and other people is we like filling empty gaps with two into one function, either utilize a space or leave it blank as others. We understand there is huge amount of people on this Green Planet who are hoping to have people like us, we can create simple products too, but we didn't wanted to stay like so called smarts, we actually wanted to become and differ the real and fake smart people.
When we explore the market, for any product mostly great deals are found at smaller brands, and bigger brands offer deals only during sale times, otherwise they ask extra money to take more adventure, alpinebear was formed to change this trend, and share with people what 21st centure deserve and shock people with unbeliveable deals. 
We create bundles of some products and our service that we sell is free of cost, we guide with downloadable files how can customers improve their product experice, and knowledge without any extra charge. For quality control and reviews we send out countless backpacks free over internet contests and took people's honest reviews and changed shapes and functions according to public's request. Our products are not only bound to designers and engineers, whereas when our prototypes are completed we participate in exhibitions worldwide and people come with normal faces and after checking our product's function their faces turn into beautiful smiles. Common point people ask us is that how can you create such an amazing product with new accessroiese integreated at very useful places. 
The feeling of a product developed by these companies and can never be found from local suppliers.